I'm surrounded by idiots
I'm fine .....I see you currently looking for a girl.. interesting..well Scar I would like to give you a proposal...how would you like to be human?

Lovely of you to offer, dear, but I’ve got quite an attachment to this tail of mine and, please take no offense to this, humans are such silly creatures, I couldn’t possibly imagine myself being one of them.

*looks around checking then quickly follows behind you*
Okay good. So how has your day been so far?

*strolls out ahead of you* 

Oh, it’s been wonderful. I’ve done absolutely…nothing.

Aloha! I'm Lilo.
*smiles at the dark lion*

Hello, Lilo. What brings you around these parts?

Hello scar.....

Hello dear. How are you?

If you insist Scar. Thank you.

*walks ahead a bit and looks around, searching to make sure the hyenas are not around. they aren’t there so he walks back to nala* 

The fools are nowhere to be found

*shifts my eyes around*
Its fine, i'll just pay them no mind whatsoever.

Are you sure? It’s no problem really

who, i am no son. i am a girl. how dare you. *snarls*

ooc: OOPS sorry i haven’t seen the lion king movies in like 5+ years xD


*chuckles* It was merely a joke, dear. 

*smiles* i am so glad we dont have an issue, i wanna grow up to be just like you.

teach me everything.

but *rolls eyes and scowls* leave the hyenas at home

Of course, Vitani. To tell you the truth *lowers voice* I’ve been getting a bit tired of them so we don’t need to be around them at all if you wish, son.

-Follows shortly behind you-
I'm still interested.
-Stops dead in my tracks scrunching up my nose a bit almost growling-
Those filthy, mangy hyenas wont be there...will they Scar?

I can’t control what they do, darling. If you like I could go ahead and shoo them off if they are there

-Leaps off the rock & follows behind you-

That'd be great. Can't wait to see where you spend your extra time.

Come this way, dear. *saunters over to the graveyard* There’s not really very much to show, darling.